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Adamada: A to kto? - Noski Noski
Adamada: And who?
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Adamada: Zgadnij, co to! - Noski Noski Adamada: Zgadnij, co to! - Noski Noski
Adamada: Guess what it is!
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Adamada: Elektromagnetyzm i jego tajemnice - Noski Noski
Adamada: Elektromagnetism and its secrets
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Adamada: Odkryj, kto - Noski Noski Adamada: Odkryj, kto - Noski Noski
Adamada: Discover who
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Adamada: Odkryj, co - Noski Noski
Adamada: Discover what
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Adamada: Bliźnięta - Noski Noski Adamada: Bliźnięta - Noski Noski
Adamada: Twins
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Adamada is a Gdańsk publishing house offering children's books. It was created for the youngest readers who are creative and have exceptional imagination. The founders of the publishing house are people full of passion and enthusiasm, as well as love for children. They love animals, adventures and travels. At the very beginning they set themselves the goal of publishing only good and valuable books. Both the text and graphic layer are important. Adamada's book suggestions are dealt with important topics that have a positive impact on the development of the youngest readers. The task of the substantive layer and the graphic design is to shape the aesthetic sense, as well as the right social attitudes. The stories told on the pages of books, in addition to ethical sensitization, are also to bring a smile, and also help discover the world around and governing the laws. The publisher's offer includes both Polish and foreign authors.

Books of the Adamada Publishing House

Books offered by the Adamady Publishing House are addressed to children aged 0 to 10 years. The offer includes both colorful and visually interesting picture books as well as coloring books or stories. The high quality of books was appreciated by both readers and experts. The publishing house has been awarded many times, among others The 2017 IBBY award for Katarzyna Ryrych's "Burdickland Field".

The stories told in the books of Adamada publishing houses are full of fascinating stories that allow a child to better understand the world and face human problems. Stories awaken the imagination and allow you to move to a completely different world. Reading Adamad's books, children will be able to find answers to the questions and children's concerns.

  • "Everyone yawns" - A book proposal perfect for the evening. Taking the subject of contagious yawning, allows the child to calm down and prepare for rest. Inside you can find many cute and ... yawning heroes!
  • "And what now?" - A book that addresses an extremely important topic of acceptance of differences. This is the story of a boy who at all costs wants to hide the deer of the horns that appeared one day on his head.
  • "Twins" - Answer all bothering questions about twins.
  • "And who is that?" - Reading for the youngest who discover the world. The booklet is full of moving illustrations.
  • "Everest" - A story about the Himalayas - the highest mountain chain. The book is full of information on the highest mountain in the world presented in an attractive way for the youngest.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the unique books of the Adamada Publishing House. We are convinced that they will delight not only the youngest readers, but also their parents!