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Autumn and winter toys 

The autumn-winter collection is full of cozy materials, such as Merino wool, ways to plug and support immunity. The latter are insanely smelling of thyme and peppermint 💚 Moved time to the family, the coming time with unique board games, puzzles and great reading!

Autumn and winter - fun, toys and Merino clothes

Play at home is an integral part of the activity in the cold and cold time. Colorful leaves and golden shades of trees inspire to wear warmer clothes, such as woolen sweaters and soft scarves. The autumn wardrobe is also jackets and coats in subdued colors that protect against cold. When it does not encourage walks outside the window, you can use unique board games and home toys. Montessori, minimalist and functional toys, develop the imagination of toddlers.

On cooler days

The right outfit is the basis for fun. During autumn outdoor activities, children can use functional accessories ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. Gloves and scarves made of soft materials are irreplaceable when playing outdoors. In the noses you will find a wide range of clothes for cooler days that will provide children with joy and comfort during every play.



Fun in the spirit of Montessori

Quut has created toys that encourage creative and developmental fun in the spirit of Montessori. Foremons for construction and a set with a strainer are a great choice not only for the beach, but also for the autumn playground. Simple and functional forms encourage you to experiment and create your own constructions. These toys are also easy to keep clean, which makes them a practical choice for every family.

Protection against cold - sleeping bags for children 

Cosatto sleeping bag is an essential gadget that will provide your baby with warmth and comfort on cooler days. Soft and quilted, ideally suited to walks and go out into fresh air. Thanks to the kangaroo pocket, the toddler can always have his favorite toy on hand. This sleeping bag is not only protection against the cold, but also a convenient and functional addition to the stroller. Thanks to various designs and colors, you can easily adapt it to your style.

Children's toys home

Autumn and cooler days are a great time for shared moments spent at board games, puzzles and interesting reading. In the noses you will find a wide selection of products that will make autumn evenings more pleasant. Creative and those in the Montessori style encourage creative fun, developing children's imagination and manual abilities. Thanks to them, every day can be full of fascinating discoveries and wonderful moments spent with siblings or parents.