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Hagi Baby is a product line for the youngest created by the Polish brand Hagi Cosmetics. It consists of high quality, natural cosmetics for children and infants. The Baby collection appeared in stores in 2019 and immediately gained recognition among customers.

The Hagi Cosmetics brand itself was founded in 2014, and she was founded by her chemical and cosmetological education, mother and her two daughters. As women who cared for their children themselves worked on the creation of Hagi Baby preparations, it is not surprising that every cosmetic allows the toddler to provide maximum care.

The founders of the brand do not hide that they performed the first tests of created cosmetics at home, checking their effectiveness in the care of their children. Seeing insufficient effects, they returned to the laboratory with faith that they would be able to create cosmetics ideally for the youngest. And finally it succeeded!

Hagi Baby preparations have a perfectly refined composition. Months of work on excellent compositions were given by delicate but at the same time effective. The brand offers preparations necessary for body, face and hair care. Their precisely selected composition makes them also recommended for older children and even adults looking for cosmetics distinguished by special delicacy. Baby cosmetics are intended for sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

From the beginning of the Hagi Baby's existence, its founders knew that they wanted to focus on healthy, natural ingredients. This is why plant oils such as apricot, almond, hemp or rice oil are used in the brand's preparations, which successfully replace paraffin oil. The final mixtures are original recipes that we will not find in any other substances available on the market.

All Hagi Baby preparations are dermatologically tested and have the necessary certificates that allow them to be used. Mixes used in cosmetics were consulted not only with cosmetologists, but also with pediatrics. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the toddler will receive the best for his health and delicate skin!

Hagi Baby cosmetics conquer the hearts of parents of young children not only because of the natural composition and extraordinary effectiveness. Their comfortable character makes it easier to apply, which is particularly important when taking energetic baby. Cosmetics are enclosed in handy packaging, whose design distinguishes the brand from the competition.

Hagi Baby offers individual products for children, but also full sets designed for specific care activities. Hagi Baby sets are the convenience of buying and saving. Attractively packed sets are also a great gift idea. They will work as a gift for the birth of a child or a preceding baby shower.

The quality of Hagi Baby cosmetics is appreciated not only by satisfied customers and their children. The brand's achievements were appreciated by experts. The prestigious awards of the Polish cosmetology market are an expression awarded for the quality and appearance of Hagi Baba preparations.