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B.Toys: różowy jednorożec na biegunach Cleo - Noski Noski B.Toys: różowy jednorożec na biegunach Cleo - Noski Noski
B.Toys: jednorożec na biegunach Dilly-Dally - Noski Noski B.Toys: jednorożec na biegunach Dilly-Dally - Noski Noski
B.Tays: Dilly-Dally unicorn
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B.Toys: owieczka na biegunach Loopsy - Noski Noski B.Toys: owieczka na biegunach Loopsy - Noski Noski
B.Tays: Loopsy roller sheep
Sale price349,00 zł
Childhome: bujak na biegunach Skuter - Noski Noski Childhome: bujak na biegunach Skuter - Noski Noski
Childhome: rocking rocking scooter
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Little Dutch: Little Farm sheep Little Dutch: Little Farm sheep
Little Dutch: Little Farm sheep
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wysylkaturbodesktop - Noski Noski
wysylkaturbomobile - Noski Noski

Rocking and rocking is one of the toddler's natural reflexes that allows you to shape important motor skills. Busy children's toys allow them to spend a nice and interesting time, and at the same time do uncomplicated physical exercises. Climbing to the rocking? No problem. Rocking? Yet how! During him, the baby practices balance and must balance his body properly and arrange the weight of the body in such a way as to set a toy in motion. This is a great training of climbing and descending from a horse or other rocking, without which it is difficult to use all the possibilities of the toy.

When a child masters these skills, he learns his own body and what they can do. Thanks to this, he better understands the cause-effect and dependencies between the action and the reaction. Pole toys develop a toddler's creative inventiveness. All you need is a bit of encouragement and any object can turn into what the imagination suggests. The rocking horse for children can become a racer or turn into a favorite pet. In this case, there is no restrictions - what character will have fun depends only on the child's imagination.

Plush on the rocking will be suitable for children who are slowly mastered on their own sitting. This is most often observed in half -year -old toddlers. In this case, it's best to bet on comfortable rocking for children, which allow children to enjoy a ride, which is controlled by parents or guardians. Older children who have already reached a year old will certainly be more independent and will be able to enjoy more fun. The rocking horse for a one -year -old child is a great toy that activates his senses, which ensures proper development.

Not just a horse

The polar toy does not necessarily have to be a horse, which B.Tys knows perfectly well. The Canadian brand designed the Loopsy sheep, which is an extraordinary gadget for a year and a half toddler. Solid handles and skids made of natural wood will ensure a safe and comfortable ride. The toddler only has to support the back of the sheep and go on a trip of life. Soft upholstery guarantees that even in the case of a small accident, the child will not hurt. The product is free from BPA and phthalates.

Like a rocking horse for a two -year -old is only from Strider! This project is a polar bike that adapts to the child's age. Bujak is a great product for mobile toddlers who need movement. Already crawling small women can get used to Strider's flagship product. Model Sport 12 He conquered the hearts of many parents around the world - this cross -country bike can turn into a perfect maneuvering square and provide the child with many hours of entertainment. These legendary bicycles of the American brand loved the whole world. They are extremely solid and light, thanks to which a year and a half babies can start driving. The bike has an adjustable height of the saddle and steering wheel, which makes the child be able to use it up to 5 years old.

The project can be found in 75 countries for a reason - the creators took care of every detail of this toy. The bicycle rocker is distinguished by a comfortable, foam saddle of a new generation, and the steering wheel is 43% lighter than standard, which gives more control and ensures safety. Foam tires are also a solution that was used for this project - they are extremely light and do not require pumping. The patented footrest located just below the saddle on the rear fork has a special non -slip sticker, which allows the baby better to maintain balance. Simple and non -invasive assembly is another advantage of this rocking. Strider is an intuitive, brilliant project that will be an ideal idea for buying the first bike for a child. Designed to grow with a toddler, it can become a companion of many adventures. With the development of skills, a child can test new tricks. Learning will be a pleasure - gradually, at your own pace you will learn to ride. If only a toddler can walk - it is worth investing in this toy and watching a young adventurer develops. Bicycles are great motor toys that allow continuous development. This is a rocking horse for a one-year-old child and an advanced bike for a 4-year-old in one.

In the noses we also have a beautiful winged steed from the toys plan for all children who want to get to the heavens. Pegasus will take their comfort for a real adventure. Comfortable saddle, special supports for feet and handles and wings, which are additional protection. Pegasus was designed to carry the joy of rocking. This rocking horse for children can become an excellent sensory toy for an almost one -year -old baby.

In our store we offer many rocking for children that affect small motor skills. We want the little ones to draw the best from them, which is why no project is in the nose of the nose by accident. We test, check, ask - we do all this because we care about fun. If you do not know what product you choose, we will be happy to help you choose. We have considerable experience.