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Tiger Tribe is a brand that was founded by marriage in 2007. Anthony and Naomi in the garage of the family home in Melbourne, Australia began work on ingenious and funny products for children. Currently, the creators are no longer working in the garage, and their team has increased several times. In their ranks they have outstanding designers who are responsible for the original design of children's toys and accessories.

The Tiger Tribe brand and their ingenious toys

Tiger Triber Triber children's accessories are products that are engaging, creative and affordable at the same time. Their task is to provide entertainment, which stimulates the imagination, and also causes joy and smile. For toy creators, it was very important that the toys were not related to technology in any way, and also had a compact and easy -to -transport shape. Accessories are easy to pack and convenient to carry. You can take them with you everywhere and play exactly where you feel like it. Tiger Tribe Tribe toys are great at home and travel.

The brand's offer includes Bath sets that will make your daily activity an amazing experience! Noteworthy are primarily fish -shaped water puzzles with a landing net, as well as a skill game in mini -spikes! An interesting proposition is also the series "Magic Painting", i.e. water coloring pages, which are safe and comfortable. The set includes a marker in which water is placed, as well as special boards. Under the influence of water, they fill with fancy images and move the toddler into a fantastic world of imagination!

Tiger Tribe - quality and care for the environment

The creators of the Tiger Tribe brand not only care about a creative approach, but above all about high quality toys. Each project has been designed in such a way that it meets international security standards. All toys and accessories, before entering the market, passing a number of strict tests. Only products that have approvals and certificates confirming not only their high quality, but also safety are sent to the stores. The brand is also involved in activities for environmental protection. They are a partner of the Foundation for National Parks and Wild Nature, which aims to protect wild nature for future generations.

Tiger Tribe products are available in over 30 countries around the world. They are very popular among both the youngest and their parents. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the creative Tiger Tribe toys in our store's offer.