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Bentley Organic: organiczny płyn do mycia toalet - Noski Noski
Bentley Organic: Organic toilet washing fluid
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Bentley Organic: płyn do mycia szyb na bazie octu - Noski Noski
Bentley Organic: płyn do czyszczenia łazienek - Noski Noski

Bentley Organic is a cosmetics brand, which was established in Leeds, Great Britain relatively recently, in 2006. The creators of the brand have prompted the brand for five generations, the passion for the creation of soaps. Earlier, already in 1800, brand products were available under the Bentley & Son banner and were intended for the textile industry. Bentley Organic is therefore a perfect combination of vast experience, enthusiasm, as well as openness to modern and innovative solutions. All this allows you to create products that are not only body -friendly, but above all for the environment.

One of the products that undoubtedly distinguish the Bentley Organic brand are soaps made only from natural ingredients. These products have very significant and important certificates:

  • Soil Association - Certificate broadcast to companies that meet the required organization standards. The certificate confirms that the origin and production of products takes place according to strictly defined rules. Having a Soil Association certificate means, among others That products do not have genetically modified ingredients, and if the products contain inorganic ingredients, it is only because they do not exist organic substitutes.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard - a certificate, which is broadcast to brands whose products are safe for the environment and contain at least 95% of organic ingredients. It confirms that products are not tested on animals, they do not have synthetic detergents and parabens.

After the introduction of soaps and their warm acceptance by consumers, Marek quickly started working on expanding the offer. Currently, you can find a wide selection of cosmetics as well as home cleaning products.

The goal of the Bentley Organic brand is to provide customers with high quality products at reasonable prices. Manufacturers believe that prices of this type of product should not be overstated and prove that environmentally friendly products can be used regardless of the wealth of the portfolio.

Bentley organic products in the nose noses store

A wide range of Bentley Organic products is available in the offer of our online store. Among them can be distinguished, among others Antibacterial spray for washing toys, which is also great for cleaning other accessories used by the youngest. The fluid is able to remove 99.9% of bacteria from an area and provide your child with a high level of safety. The offer also includes liquids for cleaning glass, floors, dishes, toilets, as well as vegetables and fruits. In addition, we recommend organic cosmetics such as body lotions, creams for cracked warts or stretch marks.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Bentley Organic products in our store!