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Classic world edu playground water toy gutters Classic world edu playground water toy gutters
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Axi Roxy wooden swing nest brown
Sale price2.564,00 zł
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Woopie swing swing 3in1 blue
Sale price145,00 zł
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Bs toys, jumper reindeer
Sale price190,00 zł
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Woopie swing swing 3in1 pink
Sale price145,00 zł
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Smoby little ride pusher pusher
Sale price134,00 zł
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Smoby ride on pink
Sale price134,00 zł
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Smoby ride on blue ride
Sale price134,00 zł
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Swing disk with Black Line Small Foot handles 258b67e2b4f46bc8ae8e2f59f1bc4c31
B. Toys: MINI MOWER mower B. Toys: MINI MOWER mower
B. Toys: MINI MOWER mower
Sale price149,00 zł
BS Toys: Tack the arcade game in colors and countries BS Toys: Tack the arcade game in colors and countries
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WOOPIE: Basketball set 95-215 cm
Sale price177,00 zł
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Rolly Toys: Red metal wheelbarrow Rolly Toys: Red metal wheelbarrow
Rolly Toys: Red metal wheelbarrow
Sale price181,00 zł
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Smoby: Bujak swing green dog three Smoby: Bujak swing green dog three
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Little Tikes: Red rocking horse
Sale price171,00 zł
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Rolly Toys: Green metal wheelbarrow Rolly Toys: Green metal wheelbarrow
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Smoby: Beach Bar Beach Beach Bar
Sale price175,00 zł
wysylkaturbodesktop - Noski Noski
wysylkaturbomobile - Noski Noski

Choosing the perfect toys for the garden can be a challenge, but thanks to our carefully selected collection, every parent will find something special for their toddler. In the noses store, we focus on diversity and quality to provide children with unforgettable fun outdoors.

What garden toys should you choose?

Water toys for the garden

Water toys are irreplaceable during hot days. From pools, through water slides, to water pistols - they provide cooling and a lot of joy. They are perfect for both small yards and larger plots.

Wooden toys for the garden

Wooden toys are a classic that never goes out of fashion. From swings, through the tree houses, to small workshops - they are not only aesthetic, but also ecological and durable. They are beautiful and functional equipment of every garden.

Creative garden toys

For small artists and constructors we have a wide range of creative toys. Chalk plaques, sets for creating bouquets of leaves and flowers, or small sensory gardens - stimulate the imagination and encourage learning through play.

Toys for the kindergarten garden - what is interesting in our store?

Our store offers a wide selection of garden toys dedicated to kindergarten institutions. From attractions to garden for children, such as play complexes, to educational toys outside - everything you need to create a creative and safe playground.

Order garden toys in the noses store today!

We only offer selected, safe and creative toys for children for the garden. Our toys for children is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Discover our collection and create a place full of joy and educational fun. Order today and enjoy unforgettable moments spent outdoors with the youngest!