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Utility can be beautiful, and fairy -tale pictures can be seen not only in children's books, but in wheelchairs, car seats and other children's accessories. Here is Cosatto!

Cosatto products invented and designed in Great Britain are great accessories that please the eye. Fancy patterns, intense colors and functional solutions are Cosatto company signs. It is not surprising that the brand's products have conquered the hearts of children and carers - especially those who value unusual design.

Trolleys, chairs, car seats and other accessories for children are designed in such a way as to respond to the needs of children and ensure their safety, and at the same time facilitate everyday life for toddlers. Intelligent solutions, clever patents and useful functions will make parents' lives simple every day.

Rewarded products are created by outstanding designers. They breathed life in car seats, prams and accessories and give them unique designs that delight small and large. On Cosatto products you will find intense colors, symbols, but also iconic characters and their stories. It is not surprising that children love Cosatto designs - among the designers there is no shortage of parents who passionately invent and choose the most interesting colors, fabrics and forms.

Children love Cosatto. This is confirmed by research conducted by the brand among the youngest - in nurseries. The children watched the Cosatto and other brands to choose the ones they liked the most. Dragons, pink clouds, jumping unicorns and brave dinosaurs won with fire. 8 out of 10 toddlers chose Cosatto!

By introducing new products to the market, the brand tests them - and all this to make them best in use and serve children and their parents as long as possible. That is why Cosatto cooperates with the Sussex Baby Lab laboratory, i.e. a laboratory focused around psychological research at the University of Sussex. Those gathered around Baby Lab, scientists try to understand how babies and children see, think and recognize colors. No wonder that this is where the colorful Cosatto products are tested and checking.

The brand cares for its customers and does a lot to make Cosatto products stay with you for longer. The thoughtful after-sales policy includes a 4-year warranty and a number of amenities, which is provided by a special help zone. Spare parts, quick repairs and tips for users - all this is provided by Cosatto.

A small, harmonious team is working on the brand's products. Cosatto is a family company, guided by values. They talk about themselves - We are ordinary people who save the world from boring things for children. And for this lack of boredom, we love them the most!