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Lanco: gryzak z naturalnego kauczuku Kaktus - Noski Noski Lanco: gryzak z naturalnego kauczuku Kaktus - Noski Noski
Lanco: Natural rubber teetter
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Lanco is a small family manufacture from Barcelona, ​​which has been designing and producing organic teethers and toys for the youngest since 1952. From the beginning, Lanco has been focusing on the quality of products and craft methods of creation. The whole process of creating products, from forming and ending with painting and decorating, is carried out manually, with the greatest care even the smallest details. The Spanish climate makes them characterized by cheerful, bright colors. Hand production gives each of the products unique and uniqueness. It was because of this ecological toys Lanco was appreciated and awarded many times.

Lanco - a company with traditions

The brand's philosophy based on many years of tradition perfectly fits into current trends. Lanco products will primarily be delighted with people looking for ecological solutions. The brand focuses on handmade products that are environmentally friendly. The company's mission is to share beautiful toys with the world, made by craftsmen from 100 % natural latex. The products made are to provide children with joy and also participate in the changes in the field of authenticity and respect for the environment. Lanco craftsmen with their work show that it is possible to create products with the highest standards, in simultaneous concern for tradition and ecology. Each toy is a unique project that is the fruit of handicraft work.

Lanco Toys - unique toys made of natural rubber

Each product is friendly for both the environment and children. Toys do not contain artificial toxic substances, which is why they are great for chewing. Without fear, even infants can be given, which take everything to their mouths out of curiosity. The products are distinguished by attractive design, high resistance to mold and water. Perfect for bathing or plain fun. In our store you can find products from the three main collections:

  • rubber toys - They are soft and natural; They will certainly love all the little ones,
  • Teething teething rumps - They have a smooth texture, are flexible and very durable; They will also work for allergy sufferers,
  • Sensory toys - They have original and varied textures; Sensory balls have a positive effect on the stimulation of the proper development of child.

Each Lanco product is made of natural, safe rubber from the HEVEA rubber tree - Brazilian rubber. The milk liquid squeezed from under the bark is called latex - it is a natural and elastic substance. Its properties make it nice to the touch and smells nice.

Eco toys are made of natural rubber and are fully biodegradable. They are painted manually using certified food dyes, completely safe for the youngest. The products are vegan and produced according to the Fair Trade principle - the production system is based on the assumptions of respect and environmental protection. All toys are free of harmful PVC, BPA and heavy metals. They also have a CE certificate.