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Maison Petit Jour: wózek spacerówka dla lalek Parasolka - Noski Noski Maison Petit Jour: wózek spacerówka dla lalek Parasolka - Noski Noski
Maison Petit Jour: parasolka dla dzieci - Noski Noski Maison Petit Jour: parasolka dla dzieci - Noski Noski

Maison Petit Jour is created in 2017 a brand belonging to the French company Petit Jour. The company has been designing and distributing high -quality children's accessories for over 40 years, which are inspired by characters from popular children's books. We are talking here primarily about the Little Prince or Peppie pig. The desire to develop meant that in addition to the designs known and liked by all, the offer also included original projects that stole the hearts of both children and their parents around the world.

History of the Maison Petit Jour brand

Petit Jour was founded by Thomas Letmann in 1970. Initially, it only dealt with the distribution of games and toys, which were imported from the northern part of Europe. Initially, it was an extremely intimate team that grew significantly in the 1980s, which forced to move from the small base of the Parisian toy store into a much larger space. At that time, the company already began to develop its own series of toys, and the main characters were characters from books - the Little Prince, the Mimi or Elmer mouse. At that time, a company trademark was also created.

In 1996, the company again changed its headquarters to a much more modern and non -standard space, which was located several dozen kilometers from Paris. In 2005, the company established close cooperation with exceptional artists and gradually began to expand its offer.

A unique gift for the company's 40th birthday was the creation of a completely new brand, which is Maison Petit Jour. Illustrations for brand products are created in cooperation with a team of illustrators from the United States and Scandinavian countries. In the Maison Petit Jour offer you can find your own brand collections, which are created with great passion, commitment and love for the youngest. The brand's products are not only beautiful, but also practical. They are also characterized by high quality, which translates into their durability.

Maison Petit Jour products

Among the Maison Petit Jour products can be distinguished primarily by the first tableware with matching salivaties and aprons, as well as baskets for toys, diapers, pillows and clothes. In our store, noses are also available charming sets, thanks to which your child will be able to develop their cook skills. Safe tools will allow you to mix the dough, and then put it into a bear -shaped molds. We also offer unique children's umbrellas, as well as charming dolls.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Maison Petit Jour products in our store!