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Micro: pokrowiec na butelkę do hulajnogi Bottleholder - Noski Noski Micro: pokrowiec na butelkę do hulajnogi Bottleholder - Noski Noski
Micro: Bottleholder bottle cover
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Invented, designed and tested in Switzerland, Micro scooters delight with technical excellence and great design. Colorful rides and three -wheeled scooters provide great fun to children from an early age. The products were not only appreciated by children and their parents, but also many times awarded with numerous prestigious awards.

A dream movement toy for a child

A light scooter introduces the child to the world of physical activity. A simple to control vehicle practically does not require driving lessons. This means of transport allows the youngest to explore and discover the world from a completely different perspective. Driving on a scooter is a sensational form of entertainment that provides fun, practices a sense of balance and develops motor coordination and manual abilities.

Micro scooters for the youngest are distinguished by a unique three -wheeled construction. In the vehicle, two wheels are attached to the front, which guarantee incredible stability. A pair of front wheels allows you to maintain balance and easy control. The third circle mounted on the back does not hinder the pushing of the leg. You need to balancing your body to manage.

A scooter with a stick for the youngest from the first year of life

For one -year -old toddlers, designer models with a comfortable seat, a low -mounted steering wheel and a telescopic pushing stick were created. Thanks to this, the child can use it independently or with the help of a parent. The revolutionary 3in1 design means that the ride grows with the child and gradually turns into a scooter. The seat and handle can be dismantled when the child no longer needs them. After dismantling the saddle, it will be possible to ride a standing.

Mini Micro - for children from the second year of life

Comfortable scooters from the Mini series are dedicated to small users. They can be used by both preschoolers and children who are two years old. Each element has been designed for safe and comfortable driving. The T -shaped steering wheel makes driving much easier. The wide, non -slip platform makes it easier to set both feet next to each other and provides them with adequate grip. The rear spoon brake makes it easier to control the vehicle. The steel insole prevents heating during braking.

Maxi Micro - for children from the age of five

The Maxi collection was created for older children. Unlike mini scooters, they are larger and faster. Therefore, they are perfect for users who have grown out of the previous model. The ability to adjust the height of the steering wheel allows you to match the vehicle to the changing growth of the child. The scooter board has been reinforced with fiberglass for additional cushioning, which is especially useful on uneven surfaces. Compact dimensions and low weight allow you to take your favorite scooter literally everywhere - for a walk, to school and even on a journey.

Available in the online store, noses scooters and accessories for them are distinguished by the sensational quality and the use of the best materials. Thoughtful solutions of Swiss specialists perfectly meet the needs of the youngest users.