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In 2012, the French-Spanish brand was founded by Murielle and Roman Bressan. Their inspiration for creating unique children's products was the need to create an assortment, which aims primarily to stimulate the development of the youngest from the first days of life.

High -quality products sensationally combine unique design, functionality and safety. Beautiful and practical accessories, i.e. scrolling mat or a bathing kit, are invaluable help in daily care. Stylish, wooden blocks are great to enjoy, while enjoying their fantastic aesthetic values. Wonderful decorations, e.g. pillows, can also be used as phenomenal equipment. Charming accessories will be suitable for decorating any room in a family home - they will find the use not only in children's rooms, but also in the living room. They can be used in classic styles and in modern interiors, which they will certainly give a unique look.

Brand values ​​- on the way to a better life and future

Well -produced Nobodinoz products are distinguished by their special attention to detail, as well as the highest safety for both the youngest and the planet. The brand believes that childhood is the best time to start changing the world for the better. The company's mission is to create solid products that can be handed over to subsequent generations. Nobodinoz creates and produces a meticulously planned assortment in Europe, always:

  • respecting the natural environment,
  • focusing on the highest quality,
  • valuing the know-how of your manufactories.

Planet friendly assortment

All manufacturing processes are carried out with care and respect for sustainable development. Original Nobodinoz designs due to the fact that they are made of ecological materials, they are characterized by incredible strength. Unique textile products are created from excellent genre organic cotton - each element has its own specific fabric. Wooden toys and accessories are made of non -toxic and lasting raw materials.

Nobodinoz accessories - production process

Murielle and Roman Bressan follow carefully and meticulously manage each stage of production. The whole process takes place at the company's headquarters in Barcelona - this is where unique projects and materials are created. Fabrics used to create beautiful collections are locally produced only for the Nobodinoz brand. Thanks to this, unique textile products delight with their materials, design and colors. Before packing, fabulous accessories are given strict quality control. Wooden toys are created in France, while accessories - in Germany. Close cooperation with trusted suppliers allows you to offer excellent quality products while respecting Planty.

The brand has OEKO-TEX certification in class I, indicating safety and outstanding quality of products. The articles tested are free of harmful substances that could negatively affect the child's sensitive skin.