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OPPI: zestaw konstrukcyjny Piks Medium 44 el. - Noski Noski
OPPI: PIKS Medium 44 EL
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OPPI: zestaw konstrukcyjny Piks Big 64 el. - Noski Noski
OPPI: zestaw konstrukcyjny Piks Small 24 el. - Noski Noski
OPPI: karty do zabawy Piks Creative Cards - Noski Noski

The French OPPI brand was founded in Montpellier. The company was created by two brothers: Hansel and Bastien Schlupt, who did everything together from an early age. The unique story of the OPPI began, when its creators were still small-Hansel, at the age of 7, had to face Gorham-Stouta's disease. In difficult moments of the game were his form of escape, allowing them to spend valuable moments with his family. During the 10 -year fight, he was treated, among others in Barcelona, ​​where he later studied industrial design. Difficult, personal experiences and willingness to develop his passion were inspired by Hansel for design in cooperation with specialists in therapeutic toys. He was particularly interested in models that could support the proper development of children. Bastien, full of admiration, carefully followed Hansel's projects. In 2018, the brothers decided to join forces and create their own brand.

OPPI toys have been repeatedly awarded both national and international awards. The products have been appreciated, among others for design, educational character and innovation.

Original toys for everyone who wants to have fun

OPPI is a modern brand involved in the design of educational toys. The company's mission is primarily to support the development of the youngest by playing and helping them gain confidence. All products are sensational combining key elements:

  • fantastic design - ingenious projects are thought out in the smallest details; Toys are distinguished by an extremely charming simplicity and a combination of traditional and modern materials,
  • educational function - Games are created in close cooperation with experts in specific fields, i.e. autonomy of development, attention and concentration disorders,
  • therapeutic values - Toys, due to the fact that they arise under the supervision of e.g. occupational therapists and child psychiatrists, can be used as an alternative solution to the treatment of attention and concentration disorders (ADHD).

The main goal of the games is integration, as well as to transfer the value of acceptance and tolerance. That is why the products are kept in universal colors, there is no gender division. OPPI makes every effort so that children can calmly grow up. Every year, the brand transmits toys to places where they are most needed so that as many children as possible can use them.

PIKS collection

The PIKS series are creative sets that have been designed to develop both attention and concentration in the youngest. Different number of elements allows you to match the degree of difficulty playing to the child's age.The sets allow you to build structures freely, at the same time:

  • developing imagination,
  • practicing logical thinking,
  • by training decision -making skills,
  • showing cause and effect relationships,
  • improving motor skills and visual-spatial abilities,
  • improving self -esteem,
  • increasing self -esteem.

Educational and therapeutic benefits of fun are also appreciated by specialists who use construction sets and pixen cards as therapeutic tools.

OPPI - products created for children

OPPI bears full responsibility for a safe design, utility of its products and for the selection of the best raw materials for the production of toys.

Safety and playability tests

Safety sets are tested in the laboratory, and the playability context is checked by children who are the best experts in this topic.


The brand pays special attention to high quality materials. That is why, excellent species, wood from ecologically managed forests is used. In this way, OPPI tries to raise awareness associated with the need to protect the environment in children from an early age.