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Smoby kitchen Nova 13 el. +18m
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Smoby Beach Bar Beach Bar
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Masterkidzd wooden microwave
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"Romantik" picnic basket
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Classic world large wooden vintage kitchen for children + akc Classic world large wooden vintage kitchen for children + akc
Viga polarb shop Cukiernia ice cream parlor 3in1 Viga polarb shop Cukiernia ice cream parlor 3in1
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Viga wooden shop gray white
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Stand, stall
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Breakfast tray, 16 el.
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Small Foot Design Tea Service
Sale price156,00 zł
Mobile garden kitchen for children Small Foot Mobile garden kitchen for children Small Foot
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"Picnic" basket 18 parts
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wysylkaturbodesktop - Noski Noski
wysylkaturbomobile - Noski Noski

Fun from the kitchen

Children learn by imitating adults. Fun, during which they can become a small cook or chef is a great opportunity for toddlers to try their hand at the culinary world for the first time. The toy kitchen will allow them to create a properly arranged space to cut, mix or roll. Sets of kitchen accessories for children will be a great opportunity to play together - parents will certainly help the toddler to prepare dinner. The child will not only spend time creatively, but also practice his motor and sensory skills. It is also a great opportunity to learn - learning about the names of objects, vegetables or fruits will help not only the toddler, but also parents in everyday situations. Children's kitchen toy can be the first step in the career of a young Masterchef.

Cooking with passion

Our store has many developmental projects of known and reputable brands. We have charming, made with attention to every detail, toys from Kid’s Concept. Wooden vegetables and fruits can encourage the toddler to make the first culinary attempts under the watchful eye of his parents. Beautifully designed toys, such as a fridge, a mixer or a coffee maker, will allow you to transfer a child to the world of adults and discover him as he likes. Toy kitchen is also a great opportunity to play together - it is worth encouraging the household to show the toddler how to use toy devices and why broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables (and it is worth cutting them!). In our store, parents will find almost all products from discount shelves - the child can play with wooden Bigjigs toys eggs, test taco and tortilla Melissa & Doug, and also season the whole dish with a set of spices Condiment Set.

A toy stove with Deluxe Wooden Cooktop Set accessories will be a great arrangement to take on kitchen challenges. Solidly made, with knobs, pan, pot and spices can be transported wherever fun goes on. Toddlers will be delighted, being able to prepare their dolls and teddy bears. It is also a motor training for a child - he must master the basic ability to coordinate to be able to cook dinner without throwing half the contents of the pot. Together with toddler peers, they can work on harmonious cooperation - group work in the kitchen will certainly be a good experience for a toddler and will reduce the problem with the difficulty in sharing toys. This extremely simple fun is able to help your child develop social skills so that in the future it cope with emotions better.

Projects dedicated to children

The Parisian Djeco brand has prepared beautiful sets that will make your child start its first culinary business. It can open a sushi bar, ice cream parlor, pastry shop or salad bar! It all depends on what he wants. Children's toy kitchen can give a lot of fun and convince the toddler to sit more likely to meals. Made to not only make the toddler a lot of joy, but also to be a beautiful decoration of the room, kitchen djeco sets will also appeal to carers.

In turn, a tea service from Green Toys will allow you to prepare aromatic and hot drinks for all guests. This is great fun at home, during which the toddler not only masters basic activities, but also works on social skills.

For the youngest we have prepared plush ice cream from the HABA brand. Due to the fact that they are made of soft material, they will be a safe toy even for young children. The brand also allows kids to cut a watermelon or separate the Black Forest cake.

After organizing the party, you can easily clean everything with the Kid’s Concept set. The brush and scoop will cope with crumbs on the bodies. Toy wooden kitchen is a great gift idea - it will work for both toddlers and older people who can already prepare dishes for all their teddy bears. The child will not grow out so quickly - imitating home activities is one of the most popular games that only evolves with age.

Wooden kitchen toys available in our store are designs of known and respected brands. Durable, solidly made products are a hallmark Plan toys. The charming, minimalist proposals from Kid’s concept will delight everyone who appreciates the aesthetic values ​​of toys. All nose products are available immediately, which means that we deliver them almost immediately. We know how important fun is and we make sure that as many children as possible can develop through creative entertainment. The products also have all the necessary tests. The range offered in the store has been adapted to the diverse needs and tastes of children - we tested most of them ourselves and we guarantee that the child will be delighted with the gift. If you need help in choosing a toy, we will gladly help you find the right proposition.